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The Theory Behind The Science

Liquefy Fat
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The theory behind the 635 nanometer technology started in the late 1990's when a Columbian physician discovered that exposing a patient to mid-600nm light prior to liposuction made the procedure much easier to perform. The patients who were exposed to the light and underwent liposuction surgery immediately afterward had fat that was much easier to extract, as if it had been melted while still in their bodies.
To determine what occurred in this process, a clinical study was performed that involved fat cells from 12 subjects being exposed to 635 nm light energy. Within 6 minutes of exposure, 99% of the cell contents were released through the cell membrane wall, allowing these openings to release the contents of the cell. Additional clinical studies have proven that this release of the cell contents cause the patient to experience a reduction in the circumference of the treated area. One study involved 689 patients showing an average loss of 5 INCHES. 

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